Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition
Building Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Experts
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What is CPTC?

The Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) provides a vehicle for up and coming cybersecurity student teams to build and hone the skills required to effectively discover, triage, and mitigate critical security vulnerabilities. This competition is unique in offering a simulated environment that mimics realworld networks. The competition focuses on improving the security posture of a fictitious organization and reporting on risks in a manner that is similar to a real professional environment.


Participants must use their technical knowledge and skills to identify weaknesses in a simulated corporate environment without impacting the operations of simulated business activities.


Competitors must show their ability to communicate deeply technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences


To complete the work within the alloted time, teams must work collaboratively, bringing together discrete skills to achieve success.

As one of several world class Cybersecurity competitions, CPTC is focused on the needs of the offensive security team. Whether part of an in-house red team, a Consulting firm providing penetration testing services, or an Information Security Analyst, students participating in CPTC will hone the technical, communication, and collaboration skills they will use in the real world.

The competition begins with regional competitions, hosted by universities around the United States. The best teams from each region and several of the best teams nationwide then proceed to the National competition in Rochester, NY each fall. Additional information about each, including hosts, sponsors, and local contacts can be found within the regional pages.

2017 News

Although the competition changes each year, this year there is one major change coming to CPTC, regional competitions! Regionals will be held in October with the final national competition being held in Rochester, NY in November of 2017. Registration is open, please go here to submit your regional registration. Regionals will be held in three US locations (Penn State, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the Uber HQ) on October 7 and 8, with the National event occuring November 3 - 5 in Rochester, NY. For more information, please visit the relevant region or signup to compete.

2017 Sponsors

Our competition would not be possible without the following ongoing corporate sponsors who provide financial, infrastructure, and volunteer support.

CPTC is sponsored nationally by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) through the Department of Computing Security and with the support of several other departments.